Electrophysiology Recording Systems

EP Lab Environment and the Recording System

The electrophysiology lab consists of sophisticated equipment that requires an electrophysiologist to mentally integrate information from a number of sources during procedures. The electrophysiology lab environment and recording systems create significant amounts of noise and artifacts during procedures which hamper recordings of small electrophysiological potentials. Preserving spaciotemporal (space and time) characteristics of the signal in a challenging recording environment is a difficult task. Eliminating the noise and artifact is a significant challenge when setting up an EP lab, and is not always successful.

To remove noise and artifacts, recording systems that are currently on the market offer a family of low pass, high pass, and notch filters, however, these filters may alter signal information context.

High quality information provided by the recording system is essential for an electrophysiologist to determine ablation strategies during the termination of various arrhythmias. Therefore, it is important that the recording system’s noise removal technique does not alter appearance and fidelity of these potentials.

PURE EP in the EP Lab

The PURE EP System is designed to retain original cardiac information and provide clarity of data to further assist in clinical decision-making in real-time.

We believe that the PURE EP System will be able to deliver high quality recordings that will allow it to successfully integrate with the other advanced equipment found in the electrophysiology lab.